Community rules for the Weinbauzentrum online dialogue

Thank you for joining the community forum of the Weinbauzentrum Wädenswil. This dialogue was set up to encourage the exchange of information about the Swiss vineyard and wine.

Articles and comments on the official pages and social media of the Weinbauzentrum may be open to all registered members. Members are welcome to participate, provided they respect certain basic courtesy rules.

We inform you that the exchanges on these pages are subject to moderation. Critics and various expressions of disagreement have their place here; but insults, personal attacks, irrelevant remarks as well as intrusive discussions will be removed. The animators reserve the right to block participants who do not respect the rules above.

When you participate for the first time in the dialogue, a moderator validates your membership or link with the subject, which may take a few days, once you are recognized as a participant, your next comments will be published immediately.

We thank you for respecting the other members of the group and we hope to see you become an active participant on our sites.

The Weinbauzentrum assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information published in the comments by the participants themselves. The use of this information is at the risk of the recipient. Please check the information on the official pages of the website.


Weinbauzentrum, Wädenswil